Episode 71 – Social Media – The good, the bad & the ugly

In this episode of Spreading the Good Stuff we talk about social media. What we love, what we hate, and about the very slim chance that one day it might just all disappear! We share the benefits and the pitfalls and how we ‘try’ and keep a handle on how much we let it creep in and take over our lives.

We talk about the new kid on the block Threads, the loveliness of Substack and Instagram and the importance of email. Do we really need more platforms? Since we recorded this episode, Twitter has evolved into X, which many believe will only hasten its demise. Recent headlines have claimed that social media is dead or slowing dying, but why is everyone still on it and using it for all forms of communication, including important life announcements.

Some would say that ‘private’ is the new face of social media, but how many bloody WhatsApp and Messenger can we possibly we part of… and keep track of FFS! Finally, we discuss who is responsible when it comes to content – the creators of the viewers/victims (us)? And can you even imagine being a fully formed adult and never been on a social media platform – ever!

Lee is still waiting for it all to blow up (hopefully – LOL)! And we realise that we have actually now been living with it now for more than 15 years – can you believe that! We also chat about the love/hate relationship we all feel at times, actual physical boxes to lock your phone in and also the elephant in the room: FOMO!

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