Sending love and light to Thailand…..

Exploring Thailand

I woke this morning planning to write a light and cheery post #spreadingthegoodstuff about beautiful Thailand and the amazing family adventure we have just returned home from.

But my plans were hijacked by news of 13 bombings which have rocked the nation’s southern provinces in the past 24 hours.

Several bombings outside a beer bar in Hua Hin, Muang District, followed by explosions in Patong, in Khatu and blasts in the Phangnga province, Khao Lak – right where we were enjoying the time of our lives just 48 hours earlier.

All of the bombs were reportedly detonated by mobile phone signals and at this early stage police believe the blasts were acts of ‘local sabotage’ and not linked to any kinds of terrorism.

As with any event of this nature – which is becoming far too common place in our society – it’s impossible to comprehend what could motivate anyone to plan and commit such targeted, premeditated, senseless acts of violence.

And each and every time – no matter where in the world those bombs explode – it frightens me, it makes me sad and it shakes me to my core.

But despite all those feelings of fear and helplessness, it also ignites something brave and powerful within.

It strengthens my resolve to be a soldier of peace.

I believe wholeheartedly that the best way to combat attack and balance the negative energy in our world is to spread more love.

So tonight, Dear Thailand – to you and to your joyful, generous, kind-hearted people – I’m sending love and light your way.

Thank you for the most wonderfully happy holiday experience and for the beautiful big bucket full of memories. We can’t wait to return.

x Lee