Episode 68 – Sandwich Generation and Getting Angry

In this 68th episode we talk about the Sandwich Generation and the problems associated with getting angry when we don’t agree with others. It’s an interesting conversation and one that brings up a general theme of being kind to yourself and others as we navigate the different seasons in life.

The Sandwich Generation is the term used for families who are essential still caring for children (regardless fo age) and caring for elderly parents who might be struggle with illness. We discuss all the pressures, obligations and emotions involved during this ‘season’ and how this often falls to the women in the family. Having a plan and talking to your family are the biggest take homes from this chat and asking for help.

The second part of this conversation is the challenge of how to best respond if and when we don’t agree with others, especially loved ones.

Katrina got triggered big time this week and then got really curious about her response, which was not as she would have hoped. Why are we so reactive to things we don’t agree with? This is a juicy, honest and raw conversation and one worth tuning in for. We discuss the layers of emotion involved and the learnings we take away from these situations.

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Love Christy, Katrina and Leonie


Things we chatted about in this conversation:


The Tortoise podcast by Brooke McAlary podcast

In Your Head – online raining for professionals in the nature, nurture and neuroplasticity of the female brain by Dr Sarah McKay

The Dance of Anger – a woman’s guide to changing the patterns of intimate relationships by Harriet Learner

What we’re loving:

Lee – Parental Guidance TV show, featuring close family friends

Christy – Weekly e-news from Sophie Hansen called Local is Lovely. Find her Instagram profile here with links to all of Sophie’s wonderful books and to sign up to her weekly news.

Katrina – On Our Best Behavior: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to Be Good book by Elise Loehnen.