Making Diversity The New Norm

A huge thank you to our #spreadingthegoodstuff community for joining us last night for episode 4 of our live conversation series at Junction Moama.


These live events are a deep passion of ours, not only because they indulge our love for spreading positivity through good news stories, but above all because the extraordinary people we interview on the Q&A couch change us, and our audience, from the inside out.


And last night was absolutely no exception.


Three years ago, aged 19, Jason Clymo became paralysed from the waist down after a fall during a night out with university mates.


In adjusting to the enormous changes and his new ‘life with wheels’ Jason shared how ‘mental is everything’ and his family and friends have been instrumental in supporting his recovery and emotional strength.


He is on a crusade to make diversity the new ‘normal’ and for people of all minority groups to be featured in mainstream media and in advertising campaigns.


His work with Wink Models has given him an important platform to spread his message and he won’t rest until he activates real change.


Jason’s end game is for everyone to feel loved, included and celebrated. He wants to empower people to stand up and play a role – to take notice of the poor representation of people living with a disability in the media, and across all sectors, and to demand equality and inclusion for all.


“My number one goal is not to walk again,” says Jason. “My priority is to be healthy and happy and to ensure that everyone is loved and celebrated. I’d rather have the disability and have this outlook (being aware of the need for diversity) than be ignorant.”


Take a peek at this short clip from last night to hear this extraordinary young man in full flight about the role we can all play in making diversity the new norm.


Jason, thank you for sharing your beautiful mind with us – for cracking yourself wide open, for your honesty, optimism, strength and vulnerability. We know you are destined to take your important story to a global audience, and we’re behind you all the way in spreading your message as far and wide as possible.


Lee & Christy