Episode 64 – Ladies, Bring a Plate – should we care that gendered volunteer roles still exist?

Ladies, Bring a Plate… should we care that gendered volunteer roles still exist? 

In this episode we tackle the subject of cultural change and how to approach it.

We take a deep dive into the the issue of volunteer roles for women, and how even in today’s much more progressive society, they can still be highly gendered.

Does it matter? Why should we care? And how can we make change for the better?

We share how many families are striving to share the load of extracurricular activities and how conscious language and communication is important for schools, sporting groups and organisations.

And despite a shift in gender roles in recent decades, we discuss how there are still some subtle (and not so subtle) things that happen in society that speak to a women’s ‘work’ and ‘place’ that might be leading to deeper challenges we are seeing in society.

This is an interesting and juicy conversation for our Spreading the Good Stuff collective and one that got us thinking and looking at this issue in a different way.

What do you think about this? Is it something we should be talking about and how would you approach change in this space?
We discovered during this chat that we can all work towards having hard conversations and that to change culture, we need to talk about it!

In this episode we also talk about the things are we loving, including:

Christy ~ Loving community – local and the podcast community – ours and others! Festival of Small Halls at Caldwell – bloody brilliant night! Christy is also loving a new iteration of the Slow Your Home podcast called the Tortoise by Brooke McAlary.

Leonie ~ The Deep Podcast with Zoe Marshall, which covers so many incredible taboo subjects

Katrina ~ Katrina is super fired up about creating a podcast to support farming communities to cope better with challenge and work towards better mental health. Also, she is loving the BBC podcast The News Gurus with Helen Lewis.

We also share who’s loving this glorious autumn weather… Lee is actually not a fan! What do you love about this time of year!

Thanks again for joining us to spread the good stuff – we love having you tune in into our fortnightly Spreading the Good Stuff chats.

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Love Christy, Katrina and Leonie