Inclusion can be contagious…

One and All Community Day poster

At The Splendid Word we help many local businesses and organisations – large or small – in their endeavours to share their story and spread the word about the good work they’re doing.

We’ve helped the Campaspe One & All Inclusion Project tell its story on many occasions and have assisted with various funding and award applications.

We’d like to wholeheartedly congratulate the amazing group of people involved with this unique and life-changing project on its nomination in the recently-announced Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

One & All finished in the top three of the Community Group of the Year category and we were thrilled to assist with the words for their application.

Inclusion can be contagious and the One & All crew has thanked the entire Echuca Moama community for getting on board and sharing their ‘inclusive’ ideals.

Outgoing project officer Jacqui Davies described the achievement as one “the whole community can be proud of”.

Jacqui commented on our wider community’s “inclusive excellence” and I don’t think there are enough communities in this country, or in fact the world, who can make this claim.

Total ‘inclusiveness’ does not come easily for many and it’s an ongoing education process for all of us to truly understand and have empathy for those continually not ‘included’ within our community.

Bravo One & All for teaching us to become more inclusive of everyone within our community regardless of their ability, background, colour, age or gender.

And thank you for allowing us to share a small role in your project along the way.

To see what makes One & All tick head along to its annual Community Inclusion Day this Sunday and share in the inclusive community spirit.

We’ll see you there,

The Splendid Word xo