Planning – The Crucial Element For Social Media Success

L2P Facebook cover - Sub-heading only - Driving Positive ChangeWe Splendid Word gals love crafting words for clever and creative people – and it’s no secret that our favorite projects to collaborate on are those that are making a meaningful difference to the social fabric of our riverside community.


The L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program is one such initiative kicking massive goals in the Campaspe region – but due to a low public profile, its successes have gone largely unnoticed.


We’ve been working closely with L2P in recent weeks to turn this around, and are tickled pink to cheer them on today as they launch head-on into the wonderful world of social media.


And they’re ready.


Unlike many businesses that lose traction in the first weeks or months of launching blindly into the digital universe, L2P has undertaken a long-term strategic planning process to set itself up for the long haul.


Like any new business decision, the move into social media has implications for your brand’s reputation, therefore it’s crucial to ensure you are prepared to maintain a strategic and purposeful social media presence before going live.


In the case of L2P, we’ve crafted a shiny new social media strategy that maps out their objectives and plan for the next 12 months, set up a content calendar to sync with their existing diary, crafted a bunch of quality articles about the program and its achievements, and built a bank of images and branding designs to see them through the life of their strategy.


It’s a fluid, adaptable strategy that is designed to accommodate time sensitive issues over the 12 month period, and is tailored specifically to meet the short and long-term goals of the program.


And most importantly of all – it is achievable for the project’s coordinator to sustain and manage alongside the competing demands on her time.


This means the public can share in the many stories of success to spring from the program, while she focuses on the important work of changing the lives of disadvantaged young people in our community.


If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful community-based initiative, be a good online corporate citizen and share the love over on L2P’s new facebook page.


And be sure to touch base if you need a helping hand with your own social media content marketing and management.


X Lee.