Hands up if you love to write…



Today we are #spreadingthegoodstuff about those who choose to follow their passion and do what they love.

We are also taking our hats off to St Joseph’s College, Echuca, for inspiring their students to write for the love of it and not just because their teachers have asked them to.

As a former St Joes student I’ve been asked to chat to year eight students over the last couple of years about the writing process for their annual magazine project. I’ve loved sharing my passion for writing with the students and potentially inspire some to consider a career based around ‘words’. Thanks must go to my year eight English teacher, Jacqui Deola, for encouraging my writing from a young age and initially inviting me to St Joes to share my story.

And if I thought this wonderful opportunity couldn’t get any better, this year the year eight teachers decided to dedicate an entire day to writing – how cool!

Local Bunnaloo author, and uber talented, Fleur Ferris was also invited to share the story of her first novel Risk. Fleur shared how she had been practicing her craft for 15 years and written an incredible eight manuscripts!

Fleur’s love of the writing process, and advice to just start writing and get the first draft done, inspired many in the room to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).

Her novel has been kicking goals here in Australia since its release in July, has just been published in Germany and can now be purchased as an audio book. It is also being studied as a class text in a Swedish school and adapted to a stage production – pretty cool stuff.

The theme of the novel – dangers of the online world for teenagers – resonated with all 130 students and Fleur’s passion for the subject matter was clearly evident.

So I’m #spreadingthegoodstuff this week for Fleur’s determination to keep on writing and for the courage to eventually send her manuscript to a publisher. She is now reaping the rewards of following her passion and sticking firm to her path.

A big shout-out also to St Joes for recognising the importance of the writing process and using Fleur’s novel as a vehicle for inspiration and an opportunity to discuss a very important issue for today’s teenagers.

Do yourself a favour, especially if you have teenage kids, and a buy a copy of Risk today.

Christy xo