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img_9552We don’t have to tell you guys that if you’re not playing in the social media space you’re probably doing your business or organisation a disservice.

This week we are #spreadingthegoodstuff for social media and the important role it plays in our personal and professional lives.

Social media is undoubtedly a connector of people, a spreader of information and a temperature gauge for the mindset of the local and global community. We love social media and what it can offer businesses and organisations for FREE. It’s where we’ve been spending a lot of our time recently – creating and managing social media content for clients and educating people about how to take a positive approach to the ‘social’ space.

We’ve just wrapped up a three month stint of social media management for one of Echuca Moama’s biggest events: The Southern 80 (S80) and loved bringing this iconic event’s stories to the online community. The S80 has an epic 35,080 likes on its Facebook page, and more than 34,000 followers, and we just loved working with such large numbers to engage so many people. In fact, we have been invited back to manage all S80 social media activity moving forward – which we’re super excited about.

Many social media platforms, particularly Instagram are still increasing in popularity at a rapid rate and many are continually changing their rules and regulations around engagement, advertising and algorithms that determine what you see in your newsfeed.

The Facebook algorithm, for example, constantly changes and the June 2016 version was introduced in an attempt to reduce the amount of ‘fake’ stories on your feed (aka bullshit) and placed more value on stories relating to friends, family and other core values – interesting stuff hey?

Put simply, the key to having your Facebook stories viewed, liked and shared by as many people as possible is to create great quality content and this is where we can help, because we like to write… it’s our thing.

Planning your social media content is also crucial. Like anything in life, if you plan and schedule, it is more likely to get done. Work and ‘life’ in general can get busy and attending to social media often gets bumped down the list of priorities. We know this, as we’re up against it too.

Keeping track of the constant changes to social media platforms, and how to best utilise them, is also a full-time job. Did you know that Instagram now has a business page? It is similar to Facebook’s Pages, and includes a full suite of analytics which can be really useful to determine if what you’re doing is actually having an impact.

Instagram Stories is also a relatively new addition to the platform, where you can capture a quick snapshot of your daily activity and it disappears after 24 hours, similar to Snap Chat – where all the young dudes are hanging out.

Twitter is also still popular and a useful place to be; and let’s not forget Linkedin … but that’s a story for another day.

So if you’re looking to get a little more social online and want to learn how to gain more exposure for your business or organisation through social platforms get in touch today or find out more right here on our website.

See you on the social stuff…

Christy xo


Image: courtesy of WordSwag