Episode #4 – Building Positive Relationships


Episode #4 – Building Positive Relationships

In this fourth conversation on the Spreading The Good Stuff podcast we unpack the notion of positive and negative relationships and how they affect our lives.

We all know that negative relationships can have a detrimental affect, but how often do we look inward when judging so-called ‘toxic’ relationships?

Christy talks about her ‘judgement’ detox (sounds painful), how comparison is the ‘devil’ and Katrina shares a story about a long-term negative relationship and what she learned when she let it go.

Leonie urges us to consider what we share on social media when faced with a challenging relationship, and how to keep focused on the ‘good’ in a negative world.

Our personal stories certainly don’t hold all the answers, however we are helping each other to remember compassion, kindness and empathy in all our personal relationships, with both our family and friends.

We also talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and how to lean towards the positive relationships in our lives.

A wise person once said: you get to choose your attitude each and every day and we encourage you to focus on the ‘good’.

As always we leave you with some tips, and this week our number one is to remember that positivity starts with you – always!

Episode #4 Show Notes

Katrina ~ mentioned the Harvard study about relationships. Find it here. She also talked about the The Squiz for her daily fix of news and the Crappy to Happy podcast.

Christy ~ talked about the Gabby Bernstein Judgement Detox audio book and referenced Hygge – the Danish way of living. The Little Book of Hygee by Meik Wiking is a good place to start. She also mentioned the Loving Kindness Meditation practice, which can be accessed across many meditation apps. She first discovered it in the book Buddhism for Mothers book by Sarah Napthali.

Leonie ~ mentioned the Top Five Movement to keep focused on the good and does it every day.