Empowered To Imagine The Possibilities

Empowered to Imagine The PossibilitiesPhwoarrrr…..How good was yesterday!!


I’m in a beautiful bubble of ‘Imagine The Possibilities’ empowerment today and holding space to reflect on all that I have learnt through the experience.


At a personal level, it was such an honor to work with Emily Umbers and Cindy Sneddon of Moama Bowling Club to craft and design this trailblazing, home-grown event, but also to return as MC – representing my two great passions in The Splendid Word and Girls Night Out.


At a professional level, I am blown away by the calibre of yesterday’s guest speakers and workshop presenters – strong, smart, driven women who took to the stage with such conviction and authenticity, sharing their beautiful brains and messages of empowerment.


And finally, most importantly, at a local level I could not be prouder of the incredible business community and sisterhood of women we have here in Echuca Moama and district, who embraced ITP and filled the room with such warmth, enthusiasm and support for one another.


There were so many moments of epiphany yesterday, but for me the central theme was around the impact our words, actions and intentions have inside our own heads, and on all those around us.

The take home message from each of the outstanding presenters was around introducing small daily actions – physically, nutritionally and emotionally – to create the life we want.


Through the brave and harrowing storytelling of Nici Adronicus we saw resilience in its rawest form and learnt why we must never, ever give up – on ourselves, our dreams, our friends and our loved ones.


The sensational Erin Barnes of Next Generation Wellness led us through a transformative workshop to help shift limiting behavior and show why we need to nurture and nourish our physical and emotional energy in order to live a fulfilled life.


Anita Rylee of Seesaw Design shared the importance of brand and creative thinking as a business tool and Of Kin’s Kylie Lewis helped us explore and unpack how values and vulnerability are necessary for exceptional leadership.


Through Stephanie Bown of Workwell Group we learnt about personal branding – the gap between who we are and who we show to the world – and the need to be aware of the message we send out verbally and through our actions.


Rounding out a truly transformative day was the extraordinary Kemi Nekvapil who radiated the most refreshing arms-open beauty on and off stage and tapped into issues around women’s choice and empowerment.

Through Kemi we saw first-hand that a woman’s unique beauty comes from who she is and the actions she chooses to take, and that inspiration is futile unless we are empowered to take action.


An all round amazing day and again, I can’t stress enough how incredibly proud I am that it happened right here on our doorstep, and that our community embraced it so wholeheartedly.


Truthfully speaking, events like this one are incredibly rare in country communities like ours, and it’s no easy feat pulling a conference of this magnitude together.


But the thing that separates our community from so many others just like it, is you.


The women of EM are without question, a sisterhood like no other.

Open-hearted, open-minded, eager to learn, grow and live their lives at the highest frequency.


I am so grateful to each and every one of you for believing in this event and embracing it with such overwhelming love and support.


The ITP organising committee has been truly bathed in love by all those offering messages of support, encouragement and gratitude and our wish for each of you is that you feel the same calm glow of self-worth and empowerment today, and in the days ahead, that we do.


Thank you my beauties.


See you at ITP2017!


X Lee.