Do you read much?

IMG_4125Do you enjoy reading? Or value it for the gift it is?

Today I’m pondering the 10 hours of reading I must do each week for my Bachelor of Arts degree at Bendigo’s La Trobe University and it’s got me thinking about the gift of reading.

Yes reading can be a chore, when not done for pleasure, but it is a gift and unfortunately one that not everyone receives.

It is a gift I try not to take for granted and I cherish every book I have – there’s a few. We also place enormous emphasis on regular reading in our house as well as story telling, which my husband shares with our children every night.

I often hear people (adults and some children) moan about reading or claim they simply don’t read anything at all. Those who complain about reading clearly don’t have a clue what it would be like not to be able to read at all.

Sadly this is the case for many people around the world, and for far too many children.

Here in Australia a staggering 40-60% of Indigenous children in remote communities are achieving below standard reading in year 3 and less than 36% have access to a library. This is just not good enough.

Imagine all the things you would not know if you couldn’t read? The knowledge, the stories, and the lost worlds where fiction takes us.

It’s true that many people love to read and, if they had a choice, would happily spend an entire week curled up with a good book – I’m one of them.

But, I’ve a suspicion that reading and education are two things many of us take for granted, so this week we’re dedicating our #spreadingthegoodstuff post to the importance and appreciation of reading.

I personally support charities such as Room to Read and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to ensure the precious gift of reading is available to all.

I urge you to consider reading as a gift and try not and take it for granted. Also, think about how you can encourage others, particularly children, to share the joy of reading – and learning!

It doesn’t have to be War and Peace or Homer’s Odyssey. Just grab a good book, the newspaper even, and dedicate 15 minutes a day to reading.

Hopefully it might encourage you to slow you down a bit, put the ‘screens’ away for a while and… you might even find yourself enjoying it.

Happy reading!


Christy for TSW