Could Video Storytelling Work For You?


If you happen to play around in the digital media space, you’ll know that social video storytelling has been one of the big trends to watch in 2016.


Video marketing has long been a powerful communication tool, however social video is a relatively new phenomena that has exploded over the past 18 months. And our guess is that it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


Many of our clients have already started turning to video to capitalise on this growing trend and it’s definitely worth thinking about incorporating this exciting medium in your own business communications strategy moving forward.


Some businesses experiment with creating their own video content which is great if you have the time and skill-set, but others call in professional support to assist with their video production, scriptwriting and storytelling.


As former journalists, turned freelance writers, we offer a specialised scriptwriting service at The Splendid Word and work with a number of fantastic video production companies across our region to help deliver engaging video storytelling projects.


Most recently we collaborated with talented new local video production company Radiant Media to create a promotional video for our fabulous client Moama Bowling Club which was showcased at the club’s recent AGM and across the organisation’s social media platforms.  (click here to view the video)


The options for video content are limited only by your imagination, but we’ve worked with clients on a wide range of projects including scriptwriting for promotional videos for website and social media pages, short ‘storytelling’ documentaries to share across media platforms, and a range of commercial vignettes and advertisements for use on the web and in television.


We work closely with our clients to craft the perfect script to capture their audience, share their unique story, showcase their business or promote their exciting new products and services.


To see more examples of our scriptwriting and storytelling work for video click here.


And if you have any questions about how you can make video work for your own business, just sing out! We’re here to make this stuff easier so you can focus on the important job of running your business.

X Lee