Episode 67 – Comfort Zones & Bringing the Fun Back to Kids Sport

In episode 67 we talk all things comfort zone related, as well as why we think the ‘fun’ might have disappeared from community sport. Following Katrina’s cameo appearance for her local netball team, she realised that many participants, including children, just weren’t having fun anymore. We discuss why, possible reason’s for our overly-competitive society and how parents could perhaps care a little less when it comes to community sport. Do we need to be winning to have fun playing sport!

This is a juicy topic and one that has popped up in the media with current AFLW coach and St Kilda legend Nathan Burke publishing a guide for parents navigating their kid’s sporting fields. Find the book here and please share your feedback on this hot topic.

We also talk about comfort zones, and the assumption that we all should be operating in them to be doing our best. An interesting article Katrina shared debunks this theory and we discuss if we find pressure or inspiration in comfort zones, and how this looks different for everyone.

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