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Here’s to a splendid Riverboats Music Festival in 2014…

posted on: February 4, 2014
in: Our blog


We are thrilled to once again support this fabulous music festival in Echuca Moama.

Enjoy every bit!

Christy and Leonie xo

Grammar gripe – take a sneaky peek

posted on: November 29, 2013
in: Our blog


Admit it.  We’ve all done it.

Your fingers are racing across the keyboard at a million miles an hour and next thing you know you’ve written ‘sneak peak’ when of course what you meant to write was ‘sneak peek’.

Problem is, it seems to be sneaking up with such alarming frequency that it’s threatening to take over the world (okay, maybe not the world, but the dictionary at least).

If you don’t believe us, take a closer look when you’re perusing your next slab of social media posts, blogs or emails.

‘Sneak peak’ even made it into newsprint this week.

So let’s get this straight once and for all…….

To give someone a ‘sneak peek’ is to provide them a cursory glance, a preview, a sneaky look ahead at what’s to come.

A ‘sneak peak’ on the other hand, can be loosely defined as talking about a secretive mountain (peak refers to the top of a mountain or ridge, or the highest level of anything).

Got it?   Glad we had that chat.


Cheers,  TSW

Everyone has a story…

posted on: September 13, 2013
in: Our blog

Here’s a story I’d like to share with you.

It’s from a few years back now and was recently posted on the ABC Open website, which is a great space for anyone wanting to play with a few words.

Follow the link to read on:


Is writing for everyone?

posted on: August 28, 2013
in: Our blog

BBWF pic #2

The Byron Bay Writers’ Festival was, well… awesome.

Firstly, it was in Byron Bay – no explanation needed.

Secondly, TSW team travelled there with three awesome, inspiring and like-minded women from loveEM.

And, thirdly, it was about writing – my favourite topic.   And I love to write.

But could I ever write well enough to publish a book?   And would anyone want to read it?

These were the big questions looming when I first set foot on the festival site.

Despite the fact that I have always written, in some way shape or form, I have always had this little nagging feeling that maybe I’m just kidding myself about being a ‘real’ writer.

In the writing world we sometimes think we need to be some sort of Hemingway or Bronte to produce something worthwhile.

And, no wonder, the writing world is relatively critical and even avid readers are quick to say ‘great story, but not written that well’.  In fact, I think I’m one of them.

So, who does get to write books that people will actually buy, and read and even recommend to someone else?   Well, actually anyone can.

Despite all the obviously awesome things about the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival, probably the number one benefit for me was realising that anyone can write and everyone has an amazing story to tell.

Yes, I did get to meet one of my all-time singer/songwriter idols, Paul Kelly, got to brush shoulders with ABC’s Kerry O’Brien and listen in wonderment to the amazing success story of ultra-talented young writer Hannah Kent.

However, it was the unknown writers with amazing stories that totally blew me away and had me reaching for the tissues.   And, what was even more amazing was the fact that most of these authors had set out to write their story just for themselves.

It was clear from all accounts, that despite the celebrity aspect and ‘big names’ that drew us to the festival, it was the ‘realness’ of authors that resonated with us.   The humble account of an actor-come-writer who spoke of the uncomfortableness of the writing process, the stories of countless knock-backs from publishers and the emotional process of baring your soul on the page that made it all seem very real and accessible.

Writing is hard, and yes some are better at it than others, but it’s so personally rewarding and anyone can do it if they try.   Whether it’s a novel, essay, poem or short story, it’s your story and more often than not it’s a cathartic experience.

And to me, that’s more important than how well it’s written or judged by others.

The writers at the festival were extremely humble and their humility taught me that ‘writing’ is for everyone and not just for famous people.

Christy xo

A spiffy little project making a super-duper difference…

posted on: August 16, 2013
in: Our blog

IMG_3552The Splendid Word gets a huge kick out of being able to help promote the virtues of this region and the many wonderful businesses which nest here.

We also get to work on some pretty fabulous projects with inspirational people whose work is making a truly meaningful difference in our amazing little community.

One such project is the L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program which is providing disadvantaged young people with valuable opportunities for learner driving practice and licensing as well as improved road safety, social and employment outcomes.

The program is kicking massive goals in the Campaspe region and has recently secured funding to continue its great work for another 12 months.

Over the next few weeks, seven new learner drivers will enter the program which means L2P is on the hunt for more mentors to assist them to obtain their licence.

The role of volunteer mentors is an extremely rewarding one, as they provide a valuable service to these young people who otherwise have little or no support.

The program matches learner drivers with a fully-licensed volunteer supervisor who guides their mentee’s development as a safe driver and helps them obtain their 120 mandatory hours of on-the-road driving experience.

The program not only helps reduce the likelihood of accidents for young drivers, but also helps break down financial and social barriers preventing them from obtaining their licence and securing access to employment and training.

L2P provides the car, the training and the support – and mentors provide the magic ingredient of experience and 1-2 hours per week of their time to help a disadvantaged young person achieve their goals.

If you think you have what it takes, get involved and make a positive difference in a young person’s life today.

For more information, please contact L2P Project Coordinator Liz Smith on 0438 433 503.




The downside to being a grammar nazi……

posted on: June 7, 2013
in: Our blog


I was recently asked by a friend whether my ‘gratuitous’ infatuation with the written and spoken word ever gave me cause for regret.

I thought long and hard about the question – strange as it was to me – and was struck by the realisation that yes, at times it had.

Just recently for example, I was at a school information night for prospective prep students, perched in the back row (where the cool kids sit), pen poised and eager to learn whether this establishment might be a suitable fit for my first-born.

Then bang.  Up popped the first power-point slide and instantly I’m smacked in the face with glaring spelling mistakes, sloppy grammar and an abhorrent over-use of capital letters (my pet-hate).

Forget the teacher who is on stage speaking to those notes trying his darnedest to sell the virtues of his wonderful school – he’s lost me at the first dot-point which capitalises the word ‘student’ in the middle of a sentence!

No matter how hard I try to shift my gaze from the screen and focus on the content of this important speech, I can’t move past the words in front of me.

I want to stand up and shriek, “there are spelling mistakes in your presentation, the word ‘laptop’ shouldn’t be capitalised and that apostrophe doesn’t belong there!”

I don’t, because that would be just plain rude (and totally obnoxious), but it doesn’t help me with my quandary.  And I still have four more of these nights to sit through.

Oh Lord, how can I possibly make an informed decision as to where I should send my children for their formal education when I can’t move past the first misspelt pronoun on the screen?

Maybe I should send my husband who, like most normal folk, couldn’t give a rat’s clacker about a power point presentation which laughs in the face of my noxious obsession with good grammar, linguistics and punctuation.

This week at The Splendid Word…

posted on: June 3, 2013
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This week at the Splendid Word we have been busy creating some corporate style guide words for Echuca Regional Health (ERH) as it steams along with a major redevelopment and plans for a brand new logo.

We are very excited to help rebrand ERH as part of the creative collaboration, The Image Factory.

The Image Factory, made up of Vast Domains Echuca, Echuca Signs and The Splendid Word, has developed a new logo for ERH in readiness for the completion of its $65.6 million redevelopment.

We are thrilled to be working on such an important and exciting project and, like the entire community, look forward to a brand new state-of-the-art hospital facility for Echuca Moama.

Also, aside from working with ERH and numerous other local businesses, we have been busy on our new website (as you can see) – which we love.

And the reason why our website is so smoking hot is due to the amazing website building talents of Neil Greaves at Vast Domains.

We had so many splendid words to tell our story, but really needed a gorgeous website to sew it all together and that’s what we ended up with thanks to Neil at Vast Domains.

The Splendid Word can offer all things ‘wordy’ and now thanks to Vast Domains and The Image Factory we can offer a full creative service to our clients.

Leonie and Christy


The Splendid Word goes live…………….

posted on: May 3, 2013
in: Our blog

wine time - both

18 months ago we hatched a grand plan to establish a boutique media and communications consultancy to quench a growing thirst in our heavenly little region for high quality public relations services.

That plan quickly became our reality and we have been thrilled beyond imagination at all The Splendid Word has achieved in such a short space of time.

TSW has been embraced by friends, acquaintances, complete strangers, and businesses small and large, and we take this opportunity to shout a huge thank you to you all.

We are hugely excited today to be expanding our horizons and launching our ‘official’ online presence.

Welcome to The Splendid Word’s brand spanking new website.   We invite you to stay and have a look around.  Even drop us a line or send us some feedback if your heart desires.

We think it’s pretty darn cool – hope you like it too….


Leonie & Christy….TSW

Introducing Christy………

posted on: April 27, 2013
in: Our blog

christy 2

Christy lives for her family, her friends, her rather-hectic social life… for all things fun, great food, good wine, for her little dog Harry and for camping holidays.

But she lives to write!

She can think of no better way to spend the day than to sit and write all day long (with some good coffee to get started of course).

Christy has always loved to write and was lucky to land a cadetship in newspaper journalism right here in Echuca Moama as a school leaver before heading overseas to see the world (and journal every single day) with her sweetheart.

She has since married that sweetheart, the lovely Troy, and they have three gorgeous children, Tighe (8), Finnella (7) and Marli (4).

While paying off overseas debts and dabbling in customer service, marketing and events and an enjoyable stint as a vet nurse, Christy found herself continually drawn back to writing.

And upon re-establishing her career as a freelance writer with Homescape magazine she pleasantly discovered that her love and talent for writing was still alive and kicking.

You could say…she has come full circle.




A quick word on Leonie……

posted on: April 27, 2013
in: Our blog

Lee 1

Thinker, believer, writer, dream chaser, star gazer….

An eternal optimist, Lee loves to surround herself with all things sunny and bright – family, girlfriends, good times, good reads, good wine and good conversation…  She is an ex-newspaper and radio journo and these days spends her time nurturing her three darling heart boys Dhara, Arley & Ged and this cool little media and communications consultancy (TSW) which she & business partner Christy O’Brien run from their homes in Echuca-Moama.

Lee and her hunky boy Craig moved to Echuca-Moama from Ballarat in 2004 – lured by the idyllic river lifestyle, the romantic notion of a quieter paced life in the country, the abundance of fabulous wine bars, restaurants, festivals, camping spots and above all glorious, glorious sunshine.   And boy has it delivered.

This little family of five has fallen madly in love with the region, its people and the many hidden treasures which lie beyond the dusty river banks.


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