Branding – Fresh New Look for TSW

WeNew Branding‘ve had some fun giving our branding material a little spruce up this week – just some minor tweaks here and there in keeping with our original theme and identity.


If you’re anything like us, it’s difficult to schedule time in the calendar to work ‘on’ your business when you’re flat stick working ‘in’ it, and so often tasks like these ones get pushed to the end of the line.


But they’re important, so it’s really useful to set some time aside each month (at least) for a bit of housekeeping.


You’ll notice a few minor variations in our branding across each of our communication platforms – including website, facie, insta, twitter and LinkedIn – because of course what works for one, doesn’t necessarily always fit the bill for another. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for example, each have circular profile pictures, where facie runs with the square. And a banner image that looks schmick on social media pages when viewing from a desktop computer, can be all sorts of wrong when accessing from a mobile phone.


There are many exceptionally talented graphic designers and branding specialists out there who can work their magic for you on this kind of stuff, or if you prefer to play around with designs yourself there are some awesome, easy to use programs on offer these days to help you get your creative on. And you don’t have to follow the ‘rules’ – it just needs to be true to who you are and what you do, so have some fun with it!


If you need steering in the right direction in this space and more, sign up to our Splendid Words e-news below for regular updates on our favourite design programs and apps, as well as tips and tricks to improve the way your business communicates both online and in the ‘real’ world.


And in the meantime, take a few minutes today to think about the branding or communication elements within your own business or workplace that perhaps could do with a little working ‘on’ and block out some time in your diary on a regular basis to tick them off the list.


x TSW.

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