Episode 69 – Are women over 50 ignored by society?

In episode 69 we ask the question if women are ignored by society once they turn 50? It’s an issue that keeps popping up and has us asking all sorts of questions about what’s expected of us, should be get botox, cover our grey hair or if we are still as relevant as we age?

So what to do? Have the conversation with other women, or perhaps just care a little less about how we look? It’s a tricky one, especially with the way the modern world and the media work to convince us that we need to look younger to not be ignored. Supporting each other in our choices is important and challenging societal norms that are damaging for women of all ages.

It’s a curious topic and one worth exploring for all women and touches on comfort zones, playing small and how we should better embrace ourselves – as individuals and as a society – as we age.

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Love Christy, Katrina and Leonie



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