My apologies to Dougie Hawkins… but Paul Kelly is coming to town!

img_7306-2Twenty years ago while working as a cadet journalist with the Riverine Herald I had the opportunity to interview fascinating people every day. It’s one of the perks of being a journo: meeting amazing people and sharing their stories. I still love this aspect of my work as a freelance writer and strongly believe everyone has a story to tell. I sometimes even got to interview relatively famous people: sporting stars, politicians, and even actors and musicians.

Undoubtedly the most famous person I interviewed in my junior years was AFL star, Doug Hawkins – settle down Bulldogs supporters. As tragic as it sounds, my nickname (thanks to my maiden name Horkings) since year nine in High School has been ‘Dougie’. So in 1995 when Dougie Hawkins came to town it was too good an opportunity for ‘Dougie’ (me) to interview the Footscray Football Club legend – I know it makes me cringe too. At the time I thought I had made it, interviewing this living AFL legend, and was reminded of this experience last week with the realisation that (all things being equal) I could be in a position to interview another living legend very soon.

We are beyond excited to report The Splendid Word will again have the opportunity to work with Riverboats Music Festival to write the official 2017 festival program, which involves interviewing the headline acts and writing their stories. If you weren’t already aware, the lineup for next year’s Riverboats is epic, to say the least, and the headline act, wait for it: Paul Kelly.

There is no guarantee we will get to interview Paul Kelly but if we do I’m really sorry, particularly to all those old and newly minted Bulldogs fan, but the undisputed king of Australian music, the legendary poet himself, Paul Kelly definitely trumps Dougie Hawkins.

Paul Kelly will perform songs from Death’s Dateless Night, an intriguing collaboration with legendary Australian multi-instrumentalist Charlie Owen featuring songs they’ve played at funerals. Paul  explains the collection “is an interesting look at the kinds of song people request at funerals… they’re not always sad, of course… and tend towards the philosophical, wide and deep in scope”. Wow!

Joining Paul Kelly and Charlie Owen on the Riverboats stage come February 2017 will be Australian rock legend James Reyne and the incomparable Hoodoo Gurus, Mia Dyson, Shane Howard (of Goanna fame), Husky and a host of others.

Don’t miss out guys. Jump on over to the Riverboats website and lock your tickets in today.

Christy xo