Anzac Day – six degrees of separation

Pic courtesy of Aust Dept of Defence

Pic courtesy of Aust Dept of Defence

Shortly after attending yesterday’s Anzac Dawn Service on the banks of the Murray I posted this powerfully poignant photograph on social media to mark our most significant day of national remembrance.

I selected the image randomly from a cast of thousands on the Internet as something about it touched my soul.

Only now have I discovered the story behind this compelling image and the personal significance it holds.

My dear cousin – whom I grew up with, went right through school with and who is now a Major with the Australian Army – contacted me after seeing the image on my page.

This brilliant man, married with a gorgeous young family, snapped this very photograph in the poppy field whilst on duty in Afghanistan in 2007.

Oh the degrees of separation – how I love it when the universe speaks………..


X Lee for TSW