A tough writing gig for TSW…


Sometimes in our line of work we come across a tough writing gig where, every so often, the words get a little stuck and it takes an extra push to make them really sing.

Following a recent query about a small project for Riverboats Music Festival guru, Dave Frazer, we knew this gig would not be one of those.

As huge fans we had declared our love for this stellar event on more than one occasion, via our various social media platforms and through our side project loveEM.

Therefore, to say we were a little excited to land the gig of interviewing the likes of Missy Higgins and Tim Rogers for the festival program would be an almighty understatement!


The line-up, announced earlier this week, sent a buzz through our riverside towns with festival lovers whipped into a frenzy of tagging friends, locking in dates and booking accommodation.

So this week we are #spreadingthegoodstuff for what is a superb cast of musicians and the delicious prospect of legendary musos such as The Church, You Am I, and the perennial Mick Thomas, rocking out in EM come February 2016.

Not to mention the sweet-sounding melodies of the incomparable Missy Higgins.

Wow – and we get to interview all of them and share their stories in the official festival program.

Did we mention this was a great gig?


At TSW we are privileged to craft all manner of words for varying projects, but when a gig involves interviewing sublime music talent, creating some extra special words and enjoying ourselves at an event we love, well, it’s just not work!

Hats off to Dave and his hardworking crew for creating and sustaining Riverboats into its fifth year and thank you for allowing us to share a little creative slice of this wonderful event.


Bring on Riverboats Music Festival 2016!

Christy xo