Episode 72 – Chasing Your Dreams

We’re back spreading the good stuff with a conversation about ‘chasing your dreams’ and of course, we can’t not talk about the amazing Matildas!

Right off the bat, it was hard to contain how totally pumped we were, along with the rest of the country, about the incredible journey that our national women’s soccer team has been on during this FIFA Womens World Cup. We recorded this episode the morning after our heartbreaking loss to England (who were unfortunately the better team on the night) and it was great to reflect on the far-reaching impact the Matilda’s journey has had, and will continue to have, into the future.

Who said you can’t commercialise women’s sport?

We discuss the sense of oneness in supporting this incredible team – as an entire nation – and how fans (new and old) from so many corners of the country, from every background, came together to support one goal!

And let’s not mention how these incredible women went about their campaign – with such humanity. So much pride. Of course, nothing happens overnight and the Matilda’s campaign has been decades in the making.

We talk about how many have mentioned how this World Cup has been a huge step in the right direction for women in sport, however there is still much work to be done. We touched on equality in women’s football across the world, where many elite teams do not get the support or funding to improve, and realised that this is an important conversation that MUST continue into the future after the glow from the Matildas slowly fades.

Better recognition of women in sport, and from our history, is something we are passionate about in Spreading the Good Stuff.

Following this incredible campaign, we need to do better and carefully consider what the next step is to ensure a moment in history like this does not go to waste and is used to continue the push forward for equality and participation for all. We need more young women chasing their dreams and that leads to the second part of this conversation.

A lovely listener, Jamie over on Instagram sent us some beautiful feedback and asked if we could discuss how, as women and mothers of young children, how you continue to chase your dreams. Wow, this question has us feeling all the feels and it was so lovely to look back, and forward, and about things change so quickly when your parenting young children and life can scoot by so quickly, that you MUST always keep your dreams alive, in some way shape or form. The number one tip from us, speaking from experience, don’t put your dreams off completely in the hope that things will get easier. Where possible, just do the little things along the way to keep your dream alive, whatever that looks like for you. Katrina encourages us all to also be patient with chasing your dreams, and focus on loving the life you have right now, while chipping away at the bigger goals. be kind to yourself, have some compassion and don’t compare yourself to others, because there is honestly no such thing as an overnight success story, despite what social media might tell us.

Thank you so much Jamie for your question and good luck with chasing your dreams.

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What We’re Loving: The Matildas of course!!!!

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